Upcycled sweaters chosen, decorated and crafted by Ýrúrarí with hand- knitted, embroidered and stitched pieces. There is only one of each sweater and the exact same one will not be made again. For more information or questions e-mail yr@yrurari.com

Sleik zine

Sleik zine


Sleik-zine is an experimental knitting pattern manual that tells in an untraditional way with words and pictures how to knit so-called “sleik” mouths to decorate old jumpers. The information is put up in a clear and visual way to encourage anyone, also un-experienced knitters, to try out the recipe.

The project goes under the name #sleikmake and focuses on getting people to craft and upcycle their old clothes themselves or with help from knitter friends.

The manual is a collaboration between knit artist Ýrúrarí (yrurari.com) and graphic designer Greta Thorkels (gretathorkels.net) both based in Iceland.

The manual is 30 pages, international A5 size, first printed in USA February 2019

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