Upcycled sweaters chosen, decorated and crafted by Ýrúrarí with hand- knitted, embroidered and stitched pieces. There is only one of each sweater and the exact same one will not be made again. For more information or questions e-mail yr@yrurari.com

Banana pockets

Banana pockets


A sweater decorated for an installation of the Manhattan studio window of The textile arts center in February 2019.

This sweater has hand knitted tongue pockets that fits perfectly for example a pair of bananas. It’s very practical.

Base sweater is very soft and marked size Medium and is made with 53% cotton, 47% Acrylic

How to use: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt_UDraANLe/

Handwash only

Shipping from Iceland

Hand wash only

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