Upcycled sweaters chosen, decorated and crafted by Ýrúrarí with hand- knitted, embroidered and stitched pieces. There is only one of each sweater and the exact same one will not be made again. For more information or questions e-mail yr@yrurari.com

"Horn" scarf, Sauna Island in Helsinki

"Horn" scarf, Sauna Island in Helsinki

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"Horn" [Corners] is a textile line created by visual balance artist Ýrúrarí. Marked with the side label called "ýr by ýrúrarí" the line consists, for the first time, of designs manufactured in more than one copy. "Horn" takes it's color combinations and proportions from the artists surroundings and events which gives each scarf it's own name and story.

The scarfs are all knitted in Iceland from 100% Icelandic wool with fully fashioned technique so there is no yarn that goes to waste in the making of the scarfs.

This scarf is called "Sauna Island in Helsinki" and is inspired by a day on a sail boat, sailing to a beautiful Island near Helsinki with the best sauna in the world and also a very large pink, white, blue, grey and yellow rock good for sitting on and eating bread and cheese. 

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