Upcycled sweaters chosen, decorated and crafted by Ýrúrarí with hand- knitted, embroidered and stitched pieces. There is only one of each sweater and the exact same one will not be made again. For more information or questions e-mail yr@yrurari.com

Greedy and lazy

Greedy and lazy


An upcycled sweater hand-decorated by Ýrúrarí for re-opening of her web-store spring 2019.

Greedy & lazy is the sweater you never knew you needed. It brings out your good looks when you are not feeling at the top of your game by looking even worse than your lazy self.

The decorations are all hand-knitted and stitched with merino wool, the mouth goes around the whole neck and the eyelids can pocket small things like tears and toenails.

The base sweater is 48% Viscose 32% Cotton 20% Polyamid and is marked XL but does perfectly fit smaller sizer as an over sized jumper, or a tighter fitted jumper for bigger sizes since it is pretty elastic

Hand-wash only

Shipping from Iceland

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